When things fall apart, we have each other.

We are Capital Region residents turning to one another for support during the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic fallout. We are:

  1. Forming “pods” of neighbors, block by block, to stay connected and safely organize grocery runs, meal prep and other help for one another.
  2. Connecting people to resources and assistance beyond pods when appropriate.
  3. Finding each other online for emotional and spiritual support.
  4. Getting organized to advocate for our communities.

This pandemic makes it especially clear that our health is dependent on the health of our neighbors. By taking care of each other, we can:

  • help slow the spread of the virus by getting infected people what they need so they don’t have to leave home.
  • help slow the overwhelm of our healthcare system by helping the highest risk people maintain physical distancing and reduce their risk of exposure.
  • draw strength and comfort from one another rather than feeling alone, disengaged and powerless.